How to Get Your Car Ready for Drifting

24 Rgs 2016
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Learn how to get your car ready for any motorsports from drifting to drag racing. I show you how to install a quick release fire extinguisher, how to install tow straps, how to build your own heat shield for the master cylinder, and what to look for when picking out a race helmet.
Race Helmet:
Fire extinguisher:
Quick release mount:
Seat Mounting Brackets:
Tow Strap:
Shift Knob:
Panel Clip Pliers:
Aluminum Sheet:
Foil/Foam Insulation:
Mustang Trailer Hitch:
Link to my oil test results:
If you want your own oil test kit:
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  • 0:16 the guy on the right looks like kanye west

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  • Now imma drift my Fwd 2007 Suzuki swift:D

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  • And start playing eurobeat on your radio is the most important thing xd

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  • use duck tap ChrisFix

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  • So you don't really need an angle kit lock differential or none of that just a rear wheel manual drive car and some qualifications that is cool I really want to start drifting

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  • Chris is awesome....So here's the new cheat *"CHRISFIX"* and stop using *"HESOYAM"*

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  • Isn't aluminium a terrible choice for a heat shield? It's extremely thermally conductive, so the heat will just pass right through it.

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  • I saw drift and CrisFix so I clicked :)

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  • You connect a near dealership or a workshop or call ChrisFix

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  • When I do get old enough for car, I would head to my local race track in an rx7 while blasting Eurobeat and at night, with permission.

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  • I finally have a car I bought a 2018 Ford Mustang

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  • What kind of car is that?

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    • @ChrisFix ohh thanks i might try that one Hiw much is that tho?

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    • 1998 Ford Mustang GT

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  • Chris are you into Ae86 and s14’s and cars like that🤔

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  • life looks fun when you have a lot of money

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    • Then you might wanna cut out expensive unnecessary costs and save up e.g Phone, Clothes, Other electronics or other things you could live without

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  • Who else is watching this in 2020 and thinking He won't be able to drift then because of covid

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  • You should get a larger fire extinguisher in the cab or trunk in case you need to help others, small fire extinguishers don’t last long enough to put out a fire unless it’s foam

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  • 2016 :O

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  • Hey Chris keep up the good work I love ur vids and they r so helpful keep up the good work

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  • Hey Chris! Can you do a racing video with your Mustang? I will enjoy it!😁

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  • Okay but how did you put your impact absorbers back on?

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  • I’m planning on saving for my dream 10k n54 335i build, but If I have some extra cash left I’m definitely buying a shit box to turn into a drift missile.

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  • Cris fix is now 9 feet 3 inches

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  • Who can't even drive and watches these

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  • Fun Fact: in some areas, it can get hot enough that the casing of jumper cables stored in cars can melt

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  • "Let's see this drift-stang get sideways!" Famous last words.

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    • :o

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  • 2006 Toyota tazz, 1.3, 2e engine have the vehicle from new its now 14 yrs old, Soon as I go on a incline or hill , vehicle hesitates loses power then gradually picks up power again , on a flat surface no problems, can you take me through a step by step process on what to check or do to sort or solve problem

    Shadrach MoorgasenShadrach MoorgasenPrieš 2 mėnesius
    • Could be a fuel filter or fuel pump that needs replacement, the car on a hill has to work harder to get moving and if the supply of fuel gets limited, you'll lose power!

      ChrisFixChrisFixPrieš 2 mėnesius
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    • :p

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  • Can used Audi A4 1.6 74kW be good at drifting?

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    • Is it rear wheel drive?

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    • Thanks for the ongoing support!

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  • a big eff you to those who disliked his video.

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  • on my drift Silvia s15, i mounted my fire extinguisher on the Dashboard on the passenger side

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  • the oil results were sweet GOODLUCK with the DriftStang now and the future

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    • Thanks a lot!

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  • Ken miles died because of brake failiure. im pretty sure thats why they require it now.... :( R.I.P Ken Miles, 1918-1966

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  • Kiddle has RECALLED ON FIRE EXTINGUISHERS watch out for plastic handles nozzle, that can detach. Watch for plastic bush button I saw this on the new few moths ago, KNOWING 50/50 it may not work. Look for serial number and model number, To find out.

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  • Awesome Man!!!

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  • Stick shift cars are my favorites

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  • but before you do anything, disconnect the battery with thread locker. now this is something everyone can do with common hand tools you probably already have! alright, let’s get into it!

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  • Who watches these videos for fun

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  • here's a simplified guide : - Install an advanced stereo system in your car - volume 100 - blast eurobeat

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