How to Install an Angle Kit (Shopping Cart Angle)

20 Sau 2018
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Learn how to get extreme steering angle for your drift car! Not only will you learn how to install an angle kit, but you will learn how to replace the entire front suspension including the lower control arm, wheel bearing, tie rods, coilovers, sway bar, steering knuckle, and brakes.
Tools and Products
Bump Steer Kit:
Angle Kit:
Extendable Ratchet:
Wrench Set:
Torque Wrench (goes to 250ft-lbs)
Thread locker:
Electric Cutoff Wheel:
Wheel Bearing:
Stiffer Springs:
Thanks Chris Forsberg for footage of his car:
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  • Here is an UPDATE: ltworlds.infocommunity New video coming out soon!!!

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