How to Install Racing Seats

10 Geg 2017
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Learn how to install aftermarket seats in your car. In this video I install bucket racing seats in my car for more side support, safety, and comfort on the track and on the road. I cover everything you will encounter when installing racing seats from using floor mounting brackets and side mount brackets, how to route the seatbelt (and future harnesses), and more!
Tools/Products I Used
Racing Seats:
Cobalt Drill Bits:
Electric Drill:
Metal Punch:
Paint Marker:
Takata Racing Harnesses:
Swivel Ratcheting Wrench set:
How to Pick Out Racing Seats:
DriftStang Project Playlist:
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  • After I drive with these seats at a track event and a few days on the street going to be doing a few updates and a live Q&A about the seats on my Instagram so be sure to follow me!!!

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    • When are you going to gut the interior and add roll cage?

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    • Thanks a lot!

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  • I could just see when Chris buys a new house there is gonna have a huge garage and a race strip behind his house

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  • What about stock blowup seats? (example 1994 ford lightning seats) I turned mine into a race-truck a couple of years ago and won some drag races with it, but now that I am beginning to use it again i'd like to install racing seats.

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  • Ive been waiting three years for a roll cage and a 6 point seatbelt for 3 and a half years man!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHh, i love your videos btw

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  • It's kind of like a booster chair but for adults

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    • More of the opposite with how low you sit haha

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  • When you said you want to bring it to next level, I briefly thoughts you want a catapult seats....

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  • Chris Does this replacing of the seats from OEM to Racing Seats pass CHP inspection as I'm about to have one for a salvage vechicle project of mine. Should I just leave the OEM seats with side airbags until inspection is done and over with before I change to racing seats....I already got a pair of racing seats which I've been wanting to install. Does this have anything to do with a CHP inspection ? Really ! Please let me know Thanks

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    • Whenever the shops can open back up safely!

      ChrisFixChrisFixPrieš 29 dienų
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  • Do you have a airbag light come on whenever you installed the racing seats

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  • 10:55 biggest mood swing ever

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  • Hey Chris. Just wanted to know if you use the factory seat belts then how will the people sitting at the back get in or out???? Moreover, you need to bend the front passenger seat for them to get in at the back. How??

    jonathan edwardjonathan edwardPrieš mėn
    • I am using the factory seat belts, and that is a tradeoff you have to make with racing seats, once you install them it will be very difficult to get people back there!

      ChrisFixChrisFixPrieš mėn
  • You are the best,but i have a idea you shud instal a turbo. I love you so much im big fan you are the best

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  • where is the roll cage video?:(

  • I have no intention of ever doing this and I loved it! I could tell you were very excited to get the new seats! Thanks for another awesome video!

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  • I don’t think those are actual FIA regulated seat unless they are 2016 FIA WRC seats because FIA seats have head rest and and are a lot more supportive meaning they are a little leaned back not my much

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  • Are the seats be able to move for taller people ?

    Dusplays Der GDusplays Der GPrieš 2 mėnesius
    • These seats are fixed in place so you can't move them without unbolting everything in place, however some companies make sliding rails so multiple people can drive the car!

      ChrisFixChrisFixPrieš 2 mėnesius
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    • 95% of the videos isn't a voiceover :p

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    • Nothing happened in my car, but you might need to run a resistor so your car thinks it's plugged in!

      ChrisFixChrisFixPrieš 3 mėnesius
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  • Having a harness mounted to the seat is still safer than the stock seatbelt since the stock seat belt is more likely to snap out in a crash

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