How to Rebuild the Entire Front Suspension in your Car or Truck

12 Bal 2019
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Learn how to replace the ENTIRE front suspension of your car in this two episode series. First I will show you how to remove the wheel bearing, ball joints, control arms, tie rod, strut, and axle.
The ball joint and wheel bearing has to be pressed out of the knuckle and I have a bunch of tips and tricks to make that easy. The upper control arm ball joint and tie rod can get stuck in the knuckle so I show some tricks on how to easily remove that. The rest of the suspension parts are pretty simple to remove and replace.
Tools and Products:
Mevotech Suspension Parts:
Rust Paint:
Impact gun:
Torque Wrench:
Bearing Press:
Ball Joint Puller:
Slide Hammer:
Ball Joint Press:
4lb Hammer:
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    • Why haven't you posted

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    • Your the reason why I do mechanic work. Your videos inspire me.

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    • can we do the same thing for a Toyota Fortuner for a lift kit

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    • Yes

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    • If you get all the tools required and stay organized during the job, it becomes pretty simple!

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  • “install quality parts not junk” proceeds to do a complete mevotech suspension.

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