How to Replace a Clutch in your Car or Truck (Full DIY Guide)

17 Sau 2019
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Learn how to replace a clutch, flywheel, pressure plate, throw out bearing (aka release bearing), pilot bearing and rear main seal in this video!
My clutch was fine but my throwout bearing was bad so I decided to show how to replace all of the wear items while the transmission was off. This includes replacing the pilot bearing which the transmission input shaft goes into, the throwout bearing which engages the pressure plate via the clutch fork, the flywheel which I upgraded to an aluminum light weight flywheel, and finally the rear main seal because that is a common wear item which causes oil leaks in higher mileage motors. With the transmission out, it is worth it to replace all of these parts now instead of having to do this all over again. Most clutch kits come with the throwout bearing and pilot bearing so you just need to buy a rear main seal.
How to Replace a Transmission (Full DIY Guide):
Thanks Advance Auto Parts for supporting the video.
Flywheel I used:
Clutch kit I used:
Rear Main Seal:
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  • I set out to create the most in-depth clutch replacement video in the world! Hopefully the video was helpful! Follow me on instagram: Because Advance Auto helped out with the parts, if you order parts on their website you can get 25% off at checkout using the code "CLUTCH". I dont make any money off of that, it is all for you guys! You can get ChrisFix swag here:

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    • If I wasn't filming, the whole job would have taken about 8 hours start to finish (basically a weekend job). Thanks a lot!

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  • false* clutch disc does not"always" go flat side tord the flywheel... my stage 2 and 3 southbend performance clutches went in flat side to the pressure plate. this may confuse some people who buy a different clutch kit compared to yours....

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    • also... you are NOT supposed to downshift when breaking in a clutch, it will heat up the clutch too much and is not recommended . wow

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  • Thank you so so SOOO much for this!! I’m learning automatic technology right now and my instructor already shows us your videos but I’ve been having issues with my 2000 Mustang V6 for years, most recently issues with having to replace my clutch. Your videos are so fool-proof, easy to follow along and help give me the confidence to take the proper care of my own car. Thanks again Chris!

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    • I'm glad you're finding the videos helpful! Thanks a lot!

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