How to TEST Your Coolant for the Winter (Before Major DAMAGE is Done)

7 Grd 2020
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Learn how to test your antifreeze, and how to change your coolant to make sure it is protecting your car's engine and cooling system properly. In this video I cover what how to properly test your coolant and top off your radiator so it is a 50/50 mix that way your car wont overheat and your engine block wont freeze or corrode.
Also if the heat in your car is weak or you dont have heat, in this video I will show you how to bleed the air out of the cooling system so you can get heat Coolant is 50% antifreeze and 50% distilled water. And no, freeze plugs are not going to save your engine block from freezing and cracking every time.
Coolant Tester:
Concentrated PEAK 10x:
50/50 PEAK 10x:
Distilled Water (no minerals):
Spill Proof Funnel:
Large Fluid Storage Container:
Temperature Chart for Antifreeze:Water:
How to SUPER FLUSH your Coolant:
How to Flush your Heater Core:
How to Diagnose and Fix NO Heat in your Car:
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  • Just dropped brand new DriftStang "Ugly Sweaters" which are actually really comfy: This is an important video I wanted to get out asap before the really cold part of winter sets in! Here are some other related videos: How to SUPER FLUSH your Coolant: How to Flush your Heater Core: How to Diagnose and Fix NO Heat in your Car:

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    • @Shashank Sagar i did not mean all that taking it too far i know. That its not bad.. Last time im commenting on a video

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    • @Krischen Price do note that that some people get away with calling some things the wrong way, and it in fact becomes their identity, that this man calls this thing this way and not that way. Christopher is also one of them, with his identity becoming him always calling water as 'wooder'.

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    • Why did you write wooder on one of the pipes... Do you mean water?

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    • Do you still have the D16 Civic?

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    • Hold up, What happens when I fill my car's radiator with antifreeze more than distilled water? Yeah, the solution is simple, I can easily add plain distilled water, but I am very curious on what happens in this case.

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  • Engine swap coming soon

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  • Who else watches these videos for entertainment XD

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  • So it's better to have a 50/50 than just only antifreeze on the car?

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  • I wish I had watched this video sooner. I currently have my car in a shop, because my coolant froze :/ They're expecting a total cost of about $900.

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  • Interesting water pump gets destroyed by water.

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  • I wonder where you live what Country or state

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  • Why does the coolant look so tempting to drink

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  • i bought a RAV 4 2001 and when i checked the water it was a normal water clean and no dust or something , but is it safe to use a GREEN water without damaging anything ? im not sure thanks

    Eith2Eith2Prieš 4 dienas
    • You should be able to use universal coolant in your Rav 4 with no issues, I would drain that out and fill with the proper coolant level and coolant ratio. I have a video on that here, check it out:

      ChrisFixChrisFixPrieš 4 dienas
  • Water will rust out the freeze plus I've replaced enough freeze plugs to buy a new car

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    • Thanks for sharing!

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  • I am a man of my words when I say chris fix wont reply to this comment he wont

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  • freezing plug ?

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    • Watch the video!

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  • Chris. I never comment on LTworlds. But thank you for everything. thank you.

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  • Chris you very smart and i bet your favorite subject in school is Science

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  • Oops i forgot to winterize my jet skis

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  • Best engine oil Royal Purple HPS and use there filter. Best fuel injector cleaner BG products Best Air filter and cabin air filter are made by WIX Best windshield wiper fluid Ran X 2 and 1 all season. Best wipers Trico Titan. Best rotors for cheap Power Stop. Use ceramic brake pads. Change serpentine belt at 80,000 miles to be safe. Change wiper arms every few years the springs get weak Flush all fluid at recommended times. Check ball joint and ball bearings once a year Check tire air pressure once a week Maintain the vehicle so it last a long time a lot of people don't do this.

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  • One more thing u forgot to mention about the waterpump, its that antifreeze also lubricates the system and the waterpump. Very good video 👍🏼

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  • what happens if you use only Antifreeze 100% Antifreeze

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  • Chris, why do you go to the extreme to conceal your identity? Is it because of your safety or you don't want to be recognized in public and have a bunch of paparazzi after you?

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    • You do a great job and you seem to be pretty quick! And you’re very organized from what videos I’ve watched of your channel!!

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    • I want to help and teach you guys and make the point of the content what I'm showing, it's not all about me haha

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  • im impressed that the block on the truck was intact.

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    • Definitely needed the fresh coolant haha

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  • wooder or is it water

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  • 18:19 i swear he has explained this probably 74 times

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  • Wooder from engin cooling sistm tasts gud

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    • @ChrisFix you help me clean my car with your videos, i have a old car :)

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    • Yes :p

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  • Oh no my dad uses water from the hose in his cars no antifreeze 😨 old cars he has but still i better tell him about this very helpful video!

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    • That'll cause problems given enough time! Pure distilled water and coolant are the only things that should be in your coolant system!

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  • Hi Chris just wondering if I have antifreeze in my car can I just add more of a different brand or should I not mix?

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  • did you guys notice instead of writing water he wrote wooder

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  • Hey chris! just a question, are you a mechanic before, before u start ur youtube channel???

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    • @ChrisFix but without being an actually trained mechanic.

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    • I've been working on cars since I was young with my Dad, and over the years I got to do bigger and bigger projects to where we're at today!

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  • Chris...question on the Coolant? I have a 2000 Tahoe w/ 315,000 miles now... Is it ok to use straight Coolant w/ no water mix?? I prefer that ....

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  • Another great video; well done. One suggestion for changing out your windshield washer reservoir: use a fluid evacuator and pull the old fluid out to empty the reservoir, then add your winter fluid and activate the wiper washers until the new fluid flushes through. Thank you for all of the great info.

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  • Why do you say water like this wooder

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  • Hello, have a question for you Chrisfix, are you a mechanic or how do you know how to do all these things?

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  • Hello Chris I had a question on the valve that let's the coolant out of the heat exchanger on my boat my heat exchanger broke down and I had to replace it and now I have salt water in the coolant and I can't let it out because the valve is cloked would have any idea how to unclog it?

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  • What if my coolant is black, but the vehicle doesn't overheat??

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    • What color is it supposed to be?

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  • Step 1: Buy a car Step 2: learn to drive Step: 3: now you’re broke

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  • Just use Mobil 1

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  • Why do you need the spare engine in your garage? I would understand it being a spare one if the one in the mustang breaks.

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  • Hi I was not active srry Chris but can we do a colab on summer break for school cause im in Pennsylvania and my dream is to collaborate with some one so can u comment on my vid of how we gonna do it virtually please it’s my dream

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  • This is for regular green antifreeze. Dexcool is red and will not mix with green.

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  • Wait your not supposed to drink it to test? Was that really just me

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  • Hey cris i got a question i got couple of green antifreeze can i used this on a chevy silverado instead of dexcool

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  • Hello Mr. Chris. Because that I was broke for last a couple of months I haven't add new antifreeze to my cooling system. Which is only consisting of distilled water now. Because that system is filled fully I can't add antifreeze. How can I drain my coolant system completely? Do you have any opinions on this? Thank you a lot...

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  • Hi Chris fix can you help me how to adjust the throttle position sensor on my 1998 Toyota Corolla It idle s rough and shakes when engine is cold or warms and when I put in in revers and drive it shakes my engine and transmission mounts are good I checked them I live in Afghanistan the mass air flow sensor cleaner is not available can I use some thing else to clean it Also can you show me how to make my car idle smooth tnx Big fan and your only fan in Afghanistan Keep it up My main problem is adjustment of the throttle position sensor and rough idle please help

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  • Quick Question - what if that little hose doesn't reach down to suck up any liquid in my reservoir in my Ram 1500? Any suggestions?

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  • I don’t suppose you have a vid on how to find and fix a coolant leak.if you don’t could you please make one thank you.

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  • My car requires 60/40 because its an old 4 speed that can overheat fast

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  • why not use JUST coolant? why the 50/50 mix?

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    • Bruh

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  • I still cant believe how you buried the poor worker Frank. Give him the Jaguar back.

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  • Chris, I love your videos. Great advice and always with tools that everyone has. Question: just flushed the cooling system of a 1990 Chevy C1500 (Silverado) 5.7L V8. I flushed removing the thermostat and with the garden hose which means flushing with tap water. I drained everything after the flush, meaning, radiator, lower and upper radiator hose, even the heater core. I was hoping to get most of the tap water out. When I filled up again, only gallon and a half antifreeze/distilled water went in. According to Service Repair Manual the coolant system is about 18 quarts and I was able to fit into the freshly drained system only about 6 quarts of antifreeze. I’m little worried I have too much tap water in the system. How do I deal with that? Do I flush with distilled water again, drain everything and fill up with concentrate antifreeze.

    Daniel IlievDaniel IlievPrieš 27 dienų
  • This is actually really useful, especially because I live in Canada

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  • You should have taken the time to explain the corrosion inhibitors within the coolant and how long they last; how they may or may not weaken over time and whether or not you must replace the coolant at recommended service intervals.

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    • Water in chrisfix language

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  • Ask someone in the reprap community to print you a cap for that Jag washer fluid tank! There's enough of the original there to get some deets for reproduction!

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  • So why not just feel it up with a 100% pure antifreeze coolant??

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  • Great video! I shared it on my FB page.

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  • Question I have a 2006 Mercury mountaineer I have leaking plastic thermostat housing that's the second one ive replaced I was wanted to know should I replace it with aluminium or plastic dose will aluminium rust inside due to coolant running thru it plastic thermostat housing brand dorman $71.00 vs aluminum at $54.00 dollars how long aluminium will last

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  • Dont forget the blinker fluid

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  • You would make a perfect teacher

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  • Most all washer fluid doesn’t freeze. It a mix of methanol water and a small percentage of soap

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  • So if I take off the cap when the engine is hot, and I hear air coming out is that bad?

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    • It is pressurized so there is air

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    • Kinda

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  • Hey ChrisFix I was wondering if you can help me for a gift idea. Should I gift my friend GOFAR OBD. I wasn’t able to find a good review. Plz and like always u teach us a lot🙂 thank you so much

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