Look at How Far my Project Car has Come in a Year!

3 Sau 2018
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What is it really like to have a project car for one year? I show you how far my drift car, the DriftStang, has come with a new fuel pump, supercleaning, and ebrake, to coilovers, exhaust, and angle kit! All of these modifications were done in my driveway with common hand tools! I also show you how much better I am getting at drifting! Adam LZ also drifts my car which was a lot of fun!
Every DriftStang Video is listed, in order, here (day I got it, fuel pump, cleaning, coilovers, etc): ltworlds.info/chat/PLvKbarVtwhUtfd0HpR9IUCGGgXQRInyyu
Coilovers: amzn.to/2CIZiQR
Racing Seats: amzn.to/2EJM5YD
Exhaust System: amzn.to/2CyJpyI
Big thanks to:
AdamLZ for our LTworlds Collaboration: ltworlds.info
www.Instagram.com/Akina86 for getting the outside footage of me drifting and of the fire!
www.SoundCloud.com/avesena for the epic Christmas song remix
Intro of Christmas song remix by INDIGO: facebook.com/indigoxmusic
Everyone who has helped me out this year big or small! You guys are awesome!
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  • LMAO you lot across the pond are not taught to drive stick shift? proper dumb if you pass in an automatic, Here ... you will need to pass your test again in a manual car to be legal to drive them on the road. and that sounds fair. Manual license can drive both but auto can only drive an auto. Autos are sort of disabled people/ pensioner cars.. Lol

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  • Actually the detailed name of the Driftstang is 1998 Ford SVT Cobra Mustang.

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    • instagram.com/p/CJRcu8TByzU/

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  • Well Chris I love your mustang it’s a very ridiculous drift car so I wanted to have a mustang so I finished the drift event where I drift my BRZ so now I sold the BRZ and bought a 2018 mustang premium because I have a drift at a new event so I decided to get a better drift car and a faster one so I really love your videos so can we be friends?

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    • Awesome! Thanks for the support!

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