Racing Seats: How to Pick Out the Best Seats for your Car

26 Kov 2017
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Aftermarket Racing Seats. Learn how to properly chose what aftermarket racing seat is good for you. I go over which seat material is right for you (aluminum vs composite), how to measure yourself so you know you will properly fit in the seat, how to measure your car so you know the seat will fit in the car, and what hardware you need to get to mount the seat!
Where I got my seats (with prices):
They said you guys can call them with any ?s (973) 773-3177
Impact Gun I used to remove the seats:
Mic I use:
Thank you Stable Energies for not only allowing me to film at your store but for helping me make sure I cover the most commonly asked questions about racing seats!
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  • Well your mustang is a 2 door manual shifter like my brz but the only difference is the style look and the engine my engine in my brz is 2 litre flat 4 200hp Rwd powered by boxer engine and your engine in ur mustang is a 4.7 litre v8 199hp I have 1 hp more but your car is definitely faster of maybe not but by the way Chris I just wanna say your car is nice! I can’t wait to see you hitting 10m subs because u really deserve it a lot I may not have much subs but I’m okay with that and I wanna say your drifting skills are better than mine your so good at the drifting but I know u tried so hard but I tried even harder than u your right learning how to drift takes a lot of hard work but thanks for teaching me I really wish I can meet u in person but I can’t but it’s ok I’m glad I can comment with u so I really like all your cars my fav video u have is reviewing your dream car the hummer h1 which is soooo sick man it’s great 👍🏻 I can’t wait to see more Vidz like this I hope u have a great life and stay safe buddy 😉😉😉👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊

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  • Great video! I unfortunately live in the toilet bowl of race car supply, LOL. I haven't found a racing shop within 5hrs of me that has tester seats so I have to plan a road trip or buy them on the phone or online and hope for the best.

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  • Don’t forget to get a new seat if you want an FIA certificate!

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  • I have a 03 svt lightning and been wanting racing bucket seats what would you recommend

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    • If you are able, go to a store that sells racing seats and test fit them in the truck!

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  • Racing seat due date: 2021 Me: your time is up

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    • Stay tuned!

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  • I wanna get a racing seat for sim racing and I thought watching this video may help me learn some things. Don't get me wrong. I did help me learn things about seats, but lucky there aren't that many things to consider for just sim racing

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  • And now, a seat review from the stigs more talkative son. Some say, he cuts apart exhausts just to prove he can fix them, and for a stiff drink each day he consumes soapy wooder.

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    • In my case for my drift car, you can run stock seatbelts with a racing seat! If you are just driving on the street you can do that combo with no issues, but if you add a roll cage, you'll have to use a 4/5/6 point harness!

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  • do you think racing seats would be a good replacement for a everyday driver?

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    • it depends on how much you drive your car and where you drive it.

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